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Alaskan King Bed

Experience Unparalleled Comfort with Alaskan King Beds and Mattresses. These exceptional mattresses offer an expansive sleeping surface, measuring a generous 108" x 108", providing ample room for couples, families, or those who simply crave the ultimate in personal space.

Wyoming king bed
Alaskan King Mattress

$2,100   $2,400

A firm and supportive sleeping surface for sleepers of all shapes and sizes

Invest in a sleep experience like no other with the Original Alaskan King Bed. A testament to exceptional craftsmanship and sustainable luxury, this bed will elevate your sleep to new heights of comfort and well-being.

Alaskan King Bed

$2,600   $3,200

A luxurious and baby-soft cashmere cover provides superior comfort and temperature regulation

Indulge in a sleep experience like no other with mattresses crafted from the world's finest materials, meticulously layered to provide unparalleled comfort, support, and pressure relief.

Envelop yourself in luxurious cashmere, breathe easy on organic cotton, and enjoy the resilient support of natural latex, all carefully combined to cradle your body in total lavishness.

Alaskan King Bed Frame

A lavish, two-sided mattress thoughtfully engineered for optimal sleep ergonomics

Drift off to dreamland on a mattress crafted with natural latex, the world's premier natural support system. Its open cell structure promotes exceptional airflow and responsive support, seamlessly adapting to your body's contours and minimizing pressure points.

Enhanced with layers of luxurious cashmere and HyperCool™ technology, this sleep haven ensures optimal temperature regulation and an undisturbed slumber that lasts for years to come.

Alaskan King Mattress

What makes our mattresses special?

A Commitment to Sustainable Luxury

At the heart of every Alaskan King bed and mattress lies an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. We thoughtfully select eco-friendly materials throughout the manufacturing process, minimizing our ecological footprint while promoting environmental responsibility.

Every aspect of an Alaskan King bed and mattress is meticulously designed to provide an exceptional sleep experience. We source only the finest premium materials, from the plush organic cotton cover to the resilient natural latex core, ensuring that each component contributes to your comfort and support.

Which Alaskan King Mattress is right for you?

The two most important factors you need to consider when choosing an Alaskan King mattress are type and firmness level.

The Original features our PostureSupport™ base and a HyperCool™ comfort layer, providing excellent pressure point relief. 

The Luxe features an additional layer of natural latex foam for better support and durability. We use cashmere for the quilted cover.

The Grand Luxe features two-sided comfort. One side provides firm back support, while the medium side provides more pressure point relief. That makes the Grand Luxe perfect for all types of sleepers.

Alaskan King Bed
Your One Stop Shop for Alaskan King Beds

Whether you're seeking the ultimate in personal space or simply desire an unparalleled sleep experience, an Alaskan King bed is the perfect choice. With our diverse selection of Alaskan King beds, mattresses, and bedding, we invite you to discover the difference and experience the transformative power of truly exceptional sleep.

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