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  • What size is the Wyoming king?
    Width 84" (213.36 cm) Length 84" (213.36 cm) Height varies by model.
  • Will a Wyoming king mattress fit through a standard doorway?
    We ship our Wyoming king mattresses rolled in a smaller box which allows them fit through a standard doorway.
  • Where will my mattress ship from?
    We ship our mattresses from our workshop in Conover, North Carolina.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Standard delivery is free in the 48 states.
  • Do you ship outside of the 48 states?
    Not at this time.
  • How long is delivery after I place my order?
    Mattresses: Made-to-order | Ships in 3-4 weeks Platform Bed: Made-to-order | Ships in 4-5 weeks Kincaid: Made-to-order | Ships in 8-10 weeks. Bedding: Made-to-order | Ships in 2-3 weeks. Note: We ship mattresses and bed frames together. Please use bed frame shipping times when ordering a mattress and bed frame together.
  • Can I specifiy a delivery date?
    Since we use third part delivery services, we're unable to 100% guarantee that your order will be delivered on a specific date. Sometimes it's possible to deliver within a date range. Speak with a product expert for more information by calling +1.877.267.7772.
  • How do I track my order?
    You have two ways to track your order: 1. Fill out the form at the top of our contact page. (Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply) 2. Call +1.877.267.7772
  • Do you make custom sizes?
    We can make your mattress smaller or larger than our standard Wyoming king size. Speak with a product expert for more information by calling +1.877.267.7772.
  • How long can my Wyoming King mattress stay in the box after I receive it?
    We suggest removing your Wyoming King mattress from the box and plastic within 3 weeks of receiving it. Keeping your mattress in the box for an extended time can compromise the mattress's ability to return to full shape.
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