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How to Properly Care for Your Wyoming King Sheets

It’s important to properly care and wash your bed sheets to ensure they’re as comfortable and hygienic as possible. The importance of high-quality bed sheets can’t be argued, as they’re the first point of contact between you and the bed. If you have poor bedding, it can disrupt your sleep. For example, if you sleep hot, you should opt for lightweight and breathable sheets made of Egyptian cotton. Finding the right bedding can be a challenge, but when you the right set, it’s as perfect as a match made in heaven. But you’d be surprised to know how many sleepers neglect washing their sheets, which pretty much diminishes the point of having premium bedding.

If you’ve purchased one of The Wyoming King Bed Company’s sheet sets, you know just how comfortable and relaxing it is to lie on. Made from long-staple 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton, our Wyoming King bedding becomes softer with each wash, making them long-lasting and extremely durable.

To ensure that your Wyoming King sheets last as long as possible and provide you the same level of comfort as they did on the day they arrived, following our tips on how to properly care for premium bedding.

Wash your Wyoming King Sheets At Least Once A Week

You should ideally wash your bed sheets and pillow cases at least once a week. Consider just how long you sleep every night. If you’re sleeping in bed every night for eight or so hours, your body is coming into contact with your sheets for over 50 hours. During those 50 hours, bodies sweat, with it then seeping into our bedding and mattresses. If you haven’t already, consider purchasing a Wyoming King mattress protector – it’ll help prevent the smell of sweat and liquids from spills from seeping onto the mattress.

Beyond sweat, note just how much dead skin sheds every night. In a given day, the average human will shed a gram and a half of dead skin, though the bulk of it happens while we sleep as our skin comes into contact with our sheets due to friction. Don’t forget to consider how much hair you shed, spit you droll, and other occurrences that could make your Wyoming King bedding dirty. And because you’re sleeping on a Wyoming King mattress, there’s a strong chance you’re sleeping with a partner, as well as a pet or toddler. Combined, that’s a lot of sweat, dead skin, and drool.

The best way to get your Wyoming King bedding clean is to wash your sheets at least once a week. If you’re sweating a lot during the summer months, have them washed twice a week. If you happen to spill something on your bed, like coffee, or juice, have your bed sheets washed immediately.

If you don’t wash your bedding often, your sheets will become a breeding ground for dirty smells, bacteria, and germs that will leave you sick. Dirty, sweaty sheets are known to attract bed bugs, so do your health a favor by cleaning your bedding as much as you can. If you have our Wyoming King sheets, you’ll love falling back into bed with freshly washed sheets as they get softer with each cycle!

How To Wash Your Wyoming King Sheets

The Wyoming King Bed Company’s sheets wash well like other sheets. Wash your sheets and pillow cases in warm water with detergent or bleach, depending on your preferred method of disinfectant. Once washed, toss your bedding into the dryer and opt for the highest heat. It should swiftly kill any remaining bacteria or germs. If you have a Wyoming King mattress protector, wash it every 2 to 3 months, or whenever a major spill happens.

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