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Does Thread Count Really Matter When it Comes to Sheets?

After weeks of research, you’ve finally found the perfect bed for your home. Most sleepers will stop their search there, thinking a mattress is all you need for a good night’s sleep. But, if you’re interested in maximizing comfort, it’s important to find bed sheets that compliment your bed. It’s not uncommon for sleepers take the cheapest bed sheet off the shelf without reading the label, only to go home and find themselves uncomfortable.

When it comes to purchasing new sheets, it is important to understand the label to get the most luxurious sleep possible. One component of the label that sleepers can often dismiss is the ‘thread count’. Associated with tall numbers and buzzwords, thread counts can be dismissed by those uninitiated. However, thread counts are scientifically calculated and are an important part in creating a quality, long-lasting sheet.

What Is a Thread Count?

A thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of the sheet. The higher the count, the tighter and more premium, softer-feeling the sheet will be.

Thread counts are calculated by adding the lengthwise and widthwise threads within a singular area. If a linen sheet had 200 lengthwise threads and 200 widthwise threads, it would have a thread count of 400 listed on the package. A safe assumption to hold is that higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will feel.

Does Fabric Matter?

Depending on the fabric you choose for, you can find fabrics starting as low as 80, with high-end numbers being 2000. While 2000 might be considered the pinnacle of softness and comfort, there comes a point of dwindling return. Generally, there is some level of increase in quality as the number increases but it all depends on the fabric used. Some businesses and manufactures can use high thread counts as a buzzy term to rope consumers into buying subpar products. It’s important to understand that some materials are inherently subpar and that inflated thread counts don’t necessarily mean they’re on the same level as other premium products. Linen, as an example, typically has a low count when compared to tried and tested Egyptian cotton.

Does A High Thread Count Really Mean a Better Product?

Thread counts are comparable with the fabric used. A microfibre sheet with a thread count of 2000 pales in comparison to a cotton sheet with a count of 500. Simply put, the higher number doesn’t mean that each thread is done very well. Cheap triple-ply threads can be less smooth, bulky, and overall, extremely uncomfortable. It’s best to find bed sheets with a thread count between 400 and 1000 as those above that can feature cheap, thin cotton.

Where Can I Find Premium Bed Sheets for My Wyoming King Bed?

It can be difficult to find quality sheets for Wyoming king beds in big box retailers or boutique shops. Ditch retail and find premium bedding at the Wyoming King Bed Company. On our site, you’ll find the most luxurious and finest bedding for your Wyoming-sized bed. Not only do we offer a protector for your mattress that can be customized to your bed’s height but we also have a comfortable, natural-feeling set of sheets.

Our Wyoming King Sheets are made of 100% first-rate, long-staple Egyptian cotton. Our premium sheets boast a single-ply 1,000 thread count, meaning you’ll have one of the most relaxing sleeps the moment you fall into bed. In addition to a fitted and flat sheet, our set comes with two pillow-cases that get softer with every wash.

Available in four eye-popping colors, our sheets are made to order and customizable, making them perfect for all Wyoming King beds on the market, including our Luxe models.

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