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Customer Stories: Real People, Real Experiences with Our Wyoming King Beds

In the realm of sleep, where dreams intertwine with reality, our Wyoming King beds have garnered a tapestry of glowing reviews. Embracing the grandeur of expansive dimensions and customized comfort, these sleep ensembles create a luxurious sanctuary. Let us go through some of our wonderful customer testimonials. Nothing can rival the majestic experiences that have left our customers enchanted with our products.

wyoming king bed
Wyoming King Bed

The Luxury of the Wyoming King Surpasses any Traditional King

Customers revel in the luxurious expanse our Wyoming King mattresses offer. The generous 84-inch width and length create a vast sleep haven where sleepers find freedom and ample room to indulge in uninterrupted slumber. There's more than enough room to share the bed with your partner or perhaps a furry friend or two.

"Extremely comfortable. Our plan was to get a king size mattress but opted for something bigger so we can co-sleep. It was worth the extra money. Very happy with our decision." - Tammy in Florida

"We bought the Luxe mattress and love it! I was a little worried about buying a mattress without trying it first, but the medium firmness ended up being perfect for us both. We're very happy with our Luxe purchase." - Deb in California

"We’ve been needing a bigger bed for a while now as my girl loves for our big dogs to sleep with us…well this mattress foots the bill. Better than expected. Definitely would go with the firm. Top notch quality, awesome service and on top of everything, it showed up early. Wyoming King Bed Company made everything easy and we were fortunate to get the discount thru the yearly promotion. You spend a 1/3 of your life on a bed, might as well enjoy the hell out of it." - Jake in Oklahoma

We Offer a One Stop Shop for Everything Wyoming King Related

Our online store is a one stop shop for everything Wyoming King related. Every piece we offer offers an unrivaled level of quality. Our team's goal is to surpass every expectation you have.

"I had ordered a Wyoming mattress, sheets, comforter and frame and all have been exactly what we were hoping for!" - Kelly Moore in Texas

"We've had our bed frame, original mattress, comforter, mattress protector and bed sheets set for over a month now. The shipment arrived on time and exceeded expectations. We needed a larger bed. I struggle with tossing and turning and my partner with being overheated and snoring. I was nervous about not seeing any of the items in person and given the cost it was a bit of a risk. We are very satisfied with our purchase and would recommend a Wyoming King to anyone looking for a little more space to sleep and relax on." - Lynn in Florida

Our Mattresses Offer Unparalleled Comfort

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our beds are praised for their craftsmanship. Users appreciate the quality that exudes regality, making every night's sleep a royal affair.

"I researched long enough to have information paralysis. I previously had a Tempurpedic mattress and wanted at least that level of quality and that level of comfort and support. To my surprise, I like this mattress EVEN BETTER than my Tempurpedic. The surface comes back to shape faster which is actually really nice. And to my pleasant surprise, I'm sleeping better with less aches and pains. Now I'm hoping it lasts at least 10 years." - Terra

"Purchasing this bed is the best choice we’ve made for our family. It has helped my husbands back issues and my insomnia, plus we’re no longer fighting to share room with our bulldogs." - Samantha in Washington

Our Team Sets Out to Surpass Every Expectation You Have

The customer experience is one of our biggest priorities. Everything from the delivery to the interaction with our clients needs to be spectacular. Many reviews on our site have talked about how seamless their experience has been.

"The customer service is terrific. Expect 4-5 weeks from order to delivery. The mattress is delivered in a large box that is easy to move. The quality is unbelievable. The size is so much better than a king. I had a custom steel bed frame made for the mattress. You will be very happy with this mattress. Made in NC - not overseas." - Curtis in North Carolina

"You have gained a new customer for life. My family is in love with our new bed! We ordered the firm mattress and it's the perfect amount of "firm." Besides sleeping, we find ourselves hanging out talking as a family and watching movies in bed. I definitely recommend this mattress and company." - Benjamin in Pennsylvania

The Luxe Mattress Stands Above the Competition

A popular pick among our customers is our brilliant Luxe Wyoming King mattress. A luxurious cashmere mattress, soft to the touch with incredible support. Many of our testimonies have talked about their love of this mattress and it's easy to see why!

"We absolutely love our Luxe Wyoming King Bed! Its size is perfect for our co-sleeping family. Everyone sleeps comfortably without feeling cramped. The mattress quality is exceptional! We wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Overall, this bed has made our nights a dream come true. Highly recommended!" - Allison in Oregon

"Was a little apprehensive about buying site unseen and without trying it first. Decided to go ahead. Our mattress that we had was only a year old and so expensive but so uncomfortable, that I could not sleep on it. I called customer service and asked some questions and went ahead and bought it. BEST decision ever. Went with the medium Luxe mattress and have been sleeping very well for over a month now. It was so comfortable that I did not need to get adjusted to the bed. Would recommend this wholeheartedly and I do not write reviews." - Deborah in Arizona

Our Commitment to Quality Can Be Seen in Our Customer's Testimonials

As we navigate the kingdom of reviews, it becomes evident that our Wyoming King beds have exceeded expectations. They redefine the standards of a luxurious sleep experience. The testimonials paint a vivid picture of expansive comfort, aesthetic majesty, and customer accommodations. These reviews are not merely words; they are the echoes of satisfied dreams that resonate with the luxury encapsulated in every Wyoming King ensemble.


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